Willow Mystic Integration Circle – Level 4



Embrace the full spectrum of your being, channeling the energies of Joy, Radiance, and Creativity to illuminate your path as a Willow Mystic™. This is your opportunity to refine your integration, infuse your journey with purpose, and step boldly into the radiant world of awakened possibilities.

Prerequisite: Completion of Levels 1 Willow’s Embrace, Level 2 Sacred Passages and Level 3 Willow Mystic Initiations.

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Willow Mystic Integration Circle Level 4 Weeks 6-7-8-9

Congratulations on successfully completing Level 1: Willow’s Embrace, Level 2: Sacred Passages, and Level 3: Mystic Willow Initiations! You’ve journeyed through profound healing, ascended through the Alchemical Transcendance™, and tapped into the deep well of your inner wisdom. 

You now stand on the precipice of a magnificent emergence as an InPowered WilloWomen™. In this 4-week live, in-person Willow Mystic Integration Circle™, you’ll undergo your greatest cosmic evolution, realizing dormant potentials, and expanding your consciousness to new horizons as you merge into the ME-WE-US-ARE-ALL-ONE essence of who you are as a Willow Mystic™. This is your moment to unlock the vast tapestry of your being and radiate in your full brilliance.  Welcome to the next level of your extraordinary journey! 

You are now in a state of fearlessness, aliveness, openness, willingness, and trust in your multidimensional consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. Within the nurturing and empowering Sacred Willow Circle™- The Circle of Wholeness, you will deepen your connection to self, integrate the teachings and practices, and embody the wisdom of the Willow Mystic™.

Together with your WilloWomen™ Soul Family, we continue to string the beads of deep connection, bonding, liberation, and evolution for the New Human Era. Throughout the 4-week Integration Circle your resonance of energy, frequency, and vibration will continue your personal and collective ongoing evolution.

Level 4 will conclude with a joyful, fun, and meaningful celebration, ceremony, and official Willow Mystic™ certificate of completion of Levels 1-4 of The WilloWomen Way™. This initiates you into the optional Beyond Integration Mastery™ Membership.

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June 5 – June 26