Willow Mystic Initiations – Level 3



You have completed your most essential healing through Sacred Passages™. In Level 3, you will experience 11 Willow Mastery Initiations amplified through multiple transmissions, activations and attunements that catalyze your alchemical journey into your emerging role of Willow Mystic™. As the chain of human conditioning breaks away, you are liberated and finally set joyfully free.

Prerequisite: Completion of Levels 1 Willow’s Embrace and Level 2 Sacred Passages.


Willow Mystic Initiations Level 3 Weeks 2-3-4-5

Welcome to the sacred realm of Alchemical Transcendance™ within The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening™. Our journey guides you through the depths of transformational alchemy, buoyed by the foundational elements of The WilloWomen Way™, in a sacred spiral dance with the universe.

You are now InPowered, ready, and prepared to turn on and amplify your dormant potentials as you explore how the Will of Women rising is the key to your Evolutionary Awakening. You are now in a state of fearlessness, openness, willingness, and trust in your multidimensional consciousness, awareness, and wisdom.

Within the nurturing and empowering Sacred Willow Circle™ The Circle of Wholeness, you will deepen your connection to self, integrate the teachings and practices, and embody the wisdom of the Willow Mystic™. Together with your WilloWomen™ Soul Family, we continue to string the beads of deep connection, bonding, liberation, and evolution for the New Human Era. 

Throughout the 4-week live, in-person Willow Mystic Initiations your resonance of energy, frequency, and vibration will continue your personal and collective ongoing evolution. Willow Mystic Initiations™ will conclude with a joyful, fun, and meaningful celebration, ceremony, and warmly welcome you into Willow Mystic Integration Circle™, Level 4. 

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Session Dates

April 17, April 24, May 1, May 8