Sacred Passages – Level 2



In Level 2, Sacred Passages,continue your journey within The WilloWomen Way™. This immersive two-day experience eases you into your Sacred Healing that allows your wounds to be turned into wisdom as you are set free. Guided by Nina and Carolyn, you’ll explore transformative processes, receive initiations, and deepen your connection to your inner wisdom.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 Willow’s Embrace


Sacred Passages Level 2

Live in Person, 12 Hours: 6 – hours on Friday and Saturday

In the transformative journey of Sacred Passages, your healing process that transcends seven generations of ancestral lineage. This sacred exploration dissolves deep-seated wounds, liberates you from conditioned programs, and unravels the layers of institutional, cultural, and societal imprints. As you peel away these self-and externally imposed limitations, you enter a space of alchemy that turns your wounds into anchored wisdom. Here, you transmute past pain into valuable insight, breaking free from the shackles of your history. Sacred Passages are infused with reverent alchemical healing process, and rituals. This pivotal process sets the stage for your full commencement into the realm of evolutionary awakening, embracing boundless possibilities and radiant transformation.

Day 1: Your Sacred Passages Journey begins with Sacred Healing.
Day 2: Turning Wounds Into Anchored Wisdom

What You Will Experience in Sacred Passages:

  • An Enchanting Threshold: Step into a Sacred Willow Space™ where healing and alchemical transformation await.
  • Sacred Willow Circle™-The Circle of Wholeness: Embrace a supportive community that nurtures your journey.
  • Alchemical Transcendance Stages™: Building The WilloWomen Way™ Foundations of Evolutionary Awakening 
  • Three Willow Initiations: Experience our Gaia Heart, the Divine Feminine Heart, and Earth Star Initiations.
  • Sacred Willow Vibrations and Sonic Sound: Transmuting old vibrations into your new personal frequencies. 
  • Willow Formula 1: 
  • Connect: Create Safe Space where all Women are witnessed, seen, heard, revered, and loved.
  • Connect: Deepen Connection to Self
  • Helping Women Break Free of Human Conditions and Take Charge of Your Destiny
  • Cultivate Evolutionary Intelligence: Expand Your Capacity and Skills for Alchemical Transcendance 
  • Reflection: Take time for introspection and self-discovery as you progress through this transformative experience.
  • OM Work: Engage in practices and rituals that support your growth.
  • Willow Lore Gift: You will receive a special gift that will be deeply meaningful and supportive for your Sacred Passage. 

In this sacred space, you undergo a profound metamorphosis, healing the wounds of generations and harnessing the wisdom they contain. This process empowers you to break free from the limitations that have held you back, allowing you to fully embrace the journey of evolutionary awakening that lies ahead.

“In the exquisite realm of Sacred Passages, we meticulously craft a sacred space of boundless love, unwavering safety, and alchemical healing, ushering in profound inner transformation that serves as the gateway to your Willow Mystic Initiations™ through the spiral process of Alchemical Transcendance™.”Nina and Carolyn, Founders WilloWomen World

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