Mastery Coaching & Mentoring

Experience fearless brilliance with Nina’s transformative coaching. Unlock new perceptions, realign thought patterns, amplify wisdom, and clarity, embracing your Soul’s purpose. Deepen sensory clarity and accelerate intuition. Align with innate capacities supporting your most meaningful life. Nina creates nurturing spaces rooted in your essence. Embrace Evolutionary Coaching for holistic development and higher brilliance.

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Mastery Coaching &  Mentoring
Integrating Your Unity Consciousness through Embodied Living

Nina's coaching and mentoring catalyzes your Willow journey into Unity Consciousness as you access new portals of perception that further amplify your greater wisdom and human brilliance in your life. Evolutionary Coaching and Mentoring enhances your Soul's purpose, six sensory clarities, and accelerates your intuitive ways of accessing your unique ingenuity - all while deepening your integration of The Willow Way process. With mastery in transpersonal depth coaching and healing energetics, Nina curates nurturing spaces that accelerate your inner empowerment, intuitively guided and anchored in your authentic essence. Embrace the Evolutionary Coaching and Mentoring program, where Nina's approach propels your holistic development, seamlessly merging with your higher human brilliance.

To Schedule:
Contact Willow@WillowWomen.World to schedule. Payment in advance is required. If cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, no refund. If there is an emergency or illness, rescheduling permitted within one week.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Exchange: Customized for each client, contact Nina via email at for a FREE discovery call.

*Speaking Engagements, Breakouts or for Larger groups contact us directly.