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Your Greatest Evolution Awaits You

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Your Greatest Evolution Awaits You!

WilloWomen World

“At WilloWomen™, your greatest evolution awaits you. As you break free, you are set free, to open a new universe of joy and fulfillment. It’s a journey, an experience, and an odyssey of Alchemical Evolution within an inclusive, safe, loving community of Women. The Circle Never Ends and You Are Never Alone.” 

Nina and Carolyn, Founders WilloWomen World.

Your Personal Evolution Continues Here

Embrace Your Greatest Awakening

Be Curious,
Bold, and Conscious

Break Free from Wounds, Fears and Limits

Transform Wounds into Anchored Wisdom

Elevate Yourself to Ignite Collective Soul Fire

Claim Living in Fullest Expression

And Join Fun, Loving Women Who Are Ready To:

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Here’s The MORE of This…

Joining WilloWomen World is easy and offers various avenues to engage
with our Evolutionary Community

WilloWomen World


WilloWomen World Community
Join Us For All The Evolutionary Fun! 

Our WilloWomen FREE Community Membership includes Our book, “You Are Never Alone” and its companion experience;  Free Virtual 90-minute “You Are Never Alone” Discovery Journey with Founders Nina and Carolyn; WilloWomen Wisdom Monthly News; Willow Blessings Transmissions and Audio Meditations; Quarterly Willow Light Charge “Beaming” Gatherings; One Yearly Virtual Gathering in December to celebrate our emerging Willow Mystic Community.

Be sure to check out all the pathway service opportunities that are available to support you in accelerating your greatest evolution.

Transformational Experiences

Evolutionary Awakening Signature Program-Live in Person

Embark on a transformative journey with our Evolutionary Awakening Signature Program, a profound 4-level odyssey through the sacred spiral of Alchemical Transcendence. Explore the depths of Willow’s Embrace (Level 1), navigate Sacred Passages (Level 2), embrace Willow Mystic Initiations (Level 3), and integrate within the Willow Mystic Circle (Level 4).
Offered three times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring.

Transformational Services and Training (Live In-Person and Virtual)
Pathway Services: Sacred Harmonix Fusion Path, Coaching & Mentoring with Nina, Creating Sacred Conscious Spaces with Carolyn, Art of Energetic Alchemy Advanced Training.

Advanced Membership (Open to all Full Signature Program “grads”) Beyond Integration Mastery: The Circle Never Ends Circle Membership for Willow Mystics who have completed Evolutionary Awakening Signature Program and are ready for the Emissaries and Luminous Leaders tracs.

Are YOU Ready to Become an Invincible Willow Mystic, igniting a powerhouse community of WilloWomen and Spearheading a Global Movement to Magnetize the New Human Era!

Our Clarion Call is for All Women of All Ages.

If you have made it this far Your Soul knows that it is time to
Say YES to the invitation to embrace the opportunity for the growth of your lifetime.


Ready To Become
Your Invincible Self?

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Enjoy our warm Welcome GIFT, “You Are Never Alone,” this Soul-inspiring 10-page eBook reminds you that you’re never really alone on your journey.

Join our WilloWomen™ community, where we celebrate every woman’s strength, wisdom, and radiant brilliance.

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